Khatoon Designs
Sidrah Khatoon
Toronto, Photographer & Graphic Designer

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"There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen"A quick sketch inspired by the great Mr.Goya and the film Where the Wild Things Are.
Done by a Sharpie. 
By: Sidrah Khatoon

Quote taken from the beautiful poem “Tasbih” written by Raazia Rafeek.
Follow her poetry/art blog here:
Design by: Sidrah Khatoon
A poster I made The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament Toronto.
Watercolour By: Sidrah Khatoon
"Safety First:
A charcoal drawing my Sidrah Khatoon.
Pencil: Deadliest Weapon.
A book cover design by: Sidrah Khatoon
I got the chance to do some photography on top of the Empire State Building when I was in NYC this month.
- Sidrah K.
Just a quick illustration to empower our beautiful women of Islam during this glorious month Inshallah.
Still trying to sharpen my Adobe skills
A design by: Sidrah Khatoon